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Fish Owl Gear

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Fish Owl Sign & Habitat

Fish owl pellets: frog and fish bones. 2006. (1)


Fish owl down clings to a branch. 2010. (1)


Fish owl tracks

Fish owl tracks in snow. 2007. (1)


Fish owl tracks along the Saiyon River. 2008. (1)


The Amgu River valley. 2010. (1)



Fish owls roost on these rocks above the semi-frozen Tunsha River,

north of Ternei. 2007. (1)



Good fish owl habitat near Ternei. 2006. (1)


forage spot

Typical fish owl winter foraging spot. 2006. (2)



Sikhote-Alin range near Ternei. 2006. (1)


from nest

View from a fish owl nest near Samarga. 2006. (2)


nest and cow

Fish owl nest tree (right) near Olga, with grazing cow. 2006. (1)